Security Camera Captures Moment SUV Carrying Propane Tank Explodes

The driver of this Honda CRV suffered first, second and third-degree burns after her car exploded. Investigators believe the cause of the explosion may have been the propane tank she was driving home in the back of the car.

An officer who was near the scene was able to pull the woman to safety. Waiting for additional help to get in on scene, Officer Locke said he noticed there was somebody still in the vehicle according to local news Fox19.

“I helped her get on the ground. The next thing I know she’s trying to get up and she’s screaming… she’s screaming. I immediately know it was because she was burned. I could tell she was burned on her upper extremities and her torso,” he said. “I just tried to hold her by her belt buckle and I am still calling for help to get cars over here and get us away from the vehicle in case another explosion might happen. All she could do was scream. Screams that I will never forget for the rest of my life. She wasn’t able to speak.”

The woman was injured in the explosion but the extent of her injuries are unknown. The Cincinnati Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team and their fire prevention specialists are investigating for a cause. Police removed a propane tank from the scene that was in the car at the time of the explosion.