Sandblasting Doesn’t Have To Be A Dirty Job

At this year’s 2018 SEMA Show, XOR host Eliza Leon meets with Dustless Blasting to get the rundown on a product that makes large plumes of dust a thing of the past. Sandblasting can be a dirty job and can be a major pain for anybody in the general vicinity sometimes having to shut down other jobs nearby until the dust has cleared. Not anymore.

For this company, the secret ingredient is water. During the blasting process, the water encapsulates the particles allowing them to fall to the ground preventing them to become airborne.

The Dustless Blasting machines come in a variety of sizes so choosing the perfect rig should be an easy process. Whether you’re looking for a compressor-ready commercial, industrial, or low volume unit, this place has it all. Also, mobile Dustless Blasting is available on-the-go with a trailer that can be towed wherever you need to go for the job.

Keeping the environment in mind, Dustless Blasting uses eco-friendly processes with recycled bottled glass that follows environmental regulations.

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