Road Suddenly Ends, Car Goes Flying Off The Road!

There are a lot of strange crashes out there but this looks like something out of a movie or something. It’s DEFINITELY not a common thing for a road to just suddenly end. It’s one thing when a road ends where you have to just turn back around but for a road to literally just suddenly end, is unthinkable.

The video starts off with a driver driving down a road that looks pretty normal. It has markings and everything, so it’s definitely a drivable road. However, as the video progresses, suddenly the road literally just ends. The driver then FLIES off the road and crashes into some rocks!! This is absolutely crazy! How does a road just suddenly end without any warning signs whatsoever? It’s almost as if the road was being built and then the workers just gave up on it or forgot about it. This is definitely a really dangerous situation and the road needs to be blocked off so accidents like this don’t happen in the future. What a scary situation for anyone to be in!

What do you think about this situation and what do you think was going on here? Let us know in the comments what you think!