Rivian Reveals ‘Tank Steer’ With Impressive 180-Degree Turn

When it comes to electric pickups, Rivian Automotive can probably stake a claim as the most serious. The startup company has notable concepts and even financial backing from Detroit by way of a $500-million Ford investment. Its R1T adventure truck packs real-deal off-road equipment and in a video released on YouTube, Tank Steer, or Tank Turn was brought to our attention.

Tank Steer is essentially the truck making use of the four electric motors to pull off a zero-turn maneuver. It should be noted the video was not uploaded by Rivian itself and the caption reads “Representation of how the Rivian Tank Steer system will allow vehicles to turn on a dime on loose surfaces”. The video uses CGI to show off the feature, and it’s unclear if a Rivian RT1 prototype built to date has “Tank Steer”. Rivian has said the video was not released in an official capacity, however, “Tank Steer” and “Tank Turn” were both trademarked by the automaker in September 2018.

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