Restore Your Battery Performance and Get the Right Amount of Traction

Although there’s never a right time, it seems like a dead battery always happens at the worst possible moment. Whether you’re on the way to work or stranded at the grocery store, don’t worry, because there’s an option available.

Another issue we all want to avoid is a lack of traction while driving down the road, which can be downright frightening and unsafe. If you’re driving in rain or snowy conditions or off-roading, you’ll need all the traction you can get.

Do More Than Charge Your Battery – Restore Its Performance

Optima 1200 Digital Battery Charger | Summit Racing

If your regular old lead-acid battery, Optima, or other AGM-type battery has discharged to within an inch of its life, don’t worry – it only means it’s time to get an Optima 1200 Digital Battery Charger. Not only does this charger have the potential to bring batteries discharged as low as 1.25 volts back to full voltage, but it can restore battery performance. It does this by breaking down lead sulfate crystals that coast the battery’s lead plates and reduce its life or cause it to fail.

Get The Traction You Need

Powertrax Grip Pro Traction System | Su

Some differentials aren’t subtle when you attempt to apply power to the wheels, which isn’t ideal on the street or off-road. If you’re driving on poor roads or in bad weather, you want a Powertrax Grip Pro Traction System. This gear-driven, limited-slip design offers progressive traction based on your throttle input, meaning you’ll get the right amount of traction when you need it most.

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