RC Plane With A Jet-Engine!

R/C cars and planes are just amazing! They really aren’t what they used to be. Now they come with actual miniature sized REAL engines, like a muscle car with a real V8 or in this instance, a plane with a JET engine. Yeah, a real jet engine! How does this happen? Who knows but it looks cool!!

When you see the plane on the launching pad at the beginning of the video, you assume it’s going to take off like any other R/C plane. But when you hear that familiar high-pitch jet engine noise, you know this one is different. Be careful not to blink because you may miss this plane taking off! Yeah, it’s THAT fast! It literally “jets” off into the sky! This thing is crazy fast!

The people in this video look like they’re having a great time because hey, they’re controlling an actual jet plane!! When the plane finally lands you get a chance to see the small jet engine attached to it. Very cool! Technology is so amazing and you know we’re in the future when you can build tiny jet planes. What do you think about this awesome R/C jet? Let us know in the comments!