RC Car vs Watermelon At 60MPH – In Slow Motion!

This is neat!

There are many high performance remote control cars out there and a lot of people like to test them out by performing elaborate stunts. Some people may decide to drive their R/C car over a massive ramp, down a complex track, off-road or in this case, smashing through watermelons! What better way to test an R/C cars power than to drive it through some fruit?!

Slow motion videos of things going fast are always so much more enjoyable because it really makes it epic. In this video we see a really high powered R/C car SMASH its way through a watermelon before spinning through the air in slow motion. Watermelons are pretty heavy fruits, so the fact this R/C car literally obliterated it says a lot about its power! Wonder how this R/C car would perform crashing into a pineapple or maybe even a coconut!? Who knows but it would be really cool to see!

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