Ranger Production, Tesla Theft Fail, Flying Steel Balls, New Ford Campaign, New Shelby GT500, And Fast Fails

Today on PND…
• The Ranger Is Being Produced In The US Again
• The Simplest Way To Prevent A Tesla From Being Stolen
• Caption This: A Seattle Road Was Taken Over By Flying Steel
• Ford’s New Campaign Takes Shots At Other Automakers
• A Leak Of The New Mustang Shelby GT500
• And Top 5 Fast Fails: Thief Edition

Ranger Production
The Ford Ranger is starting back in US production after 7 years. It was last produced here in 2011 but will now roll of the line of the plant that will also produce the Bronco. The Ranger is bigger than the previous model with a 4-door option and will also come with a higher price tag due to customer demand. It will start at $24,300. Ford is wanting to strengthen its truck lineup after making the decision to drastically cut back on its sedan models. By 2020 the automaker is hoping to replace 75% of its vehicles.

Theft Fail
People have lots of ways to prevent their new technology from being hacked and stolen. Teslas and other vehicles with keyless entries have been the target of thieves recently and the methods to keep them safe are anything from alarm systems to wrapping your fob in foil. But the easiest way may actually be to just plug your electric vehicle in! Two guys in Great Britain were caught attempting to steal a Model 3 but it took them longer to figure out how to unplug the car than to actually hack the system and get away!

Caption This: Flying Steel Balls
The jokes for this video write themselves. During driver’s ed, you’re taught to be prepared for anything on the roadway. But the people on this Seattle street probably weren’t prepared for the 44,000 pounds of steel balls that came bouncing and flying their way. After a semi driver failed to secure and inspect his trailer, the forged steel balls got loose and attacked any and all cars nearby, cracking windows and denting bodywork!

Ford Campaign
Ford is keeping its “Built Ford Tough” slogan but it came out with a new campaign that states, “Built Ford Proud”. The series of ads featuring Brian Cranston takes a shot at other automakers including Tesla, GM, and FCA saying those brands can focus on dreaming of the future and technology but Ford will be busy building it. One video acknowledges Ford vehicles may have never been shot into space but they sit proudly in over 2 million garages. Take that, Tesla. Chevy/Dodge guys what do you think?

GT500 Leak
The new Mustang Shelby GT500 has been under wraps since it was officially announced at the Detroit Auto show. But some photos were sent to Instagram user Sinister_lifestyle at a dealer event in Las Vegas and we have a better look at it. It almost looks similar to the Nissan GT-R between the massive wing and tires. And it’s rumored to make between 780-790 HP…do you like it? Stay tuned for more updates!

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