Ranger Interior, Test Sled Parts, Red Tide Stance, And Pontiac Interior

This weekend on PowerNation there is new tech from Detroit Muscle on the OPGI Pontiac and the Test Sled gets power parts in Engine Power. Plus, we look back at Red Tide in Truck Tech and the interior of the Ranger in XOR. Tune in to History from 7-9a ET/PT Sunday for the full lineup.

On XOR, with the cage finished on the Prerunner Ranger, Eliza and Jeremy complete the interior, install dash, and build a spare tire mount.

On Engine Power, the Test Sled gets loaded with rugged pieces like an accessory drive, and even some custom tail lights.

On Truck Tech, the 88 K1500 4WD gets slammed with a 4”-6” lowering kit.

And on Detroit Muscle, the OPGI Pontiac gets a whole new interior.

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