Race Ends With Cars On Top Of Each Other, Tasings, And Arrests

You just never know what you’re going to see at a day at the track. And this crowd definitely wasn’t disappointed. This video is one of the most insane scenarios we have ever seen. Racecarjunkie8 shot the footage at Anderson Speedway in Indiana during a Figure 8 race and it has the most out of control racers out there. Basically, two guys get tangled and it doesn’t work out particularly well for either guy.

After both cars pull off to the side and take a second to relax, the #33 ends up in a position to face the crowd. Meanwhile, the driver of the solid black car drives up, circles around the guy who he has beef with and then proceeds to stomp on the gas driving towards the car. But instead of stopping or just tapping the guy, the driver of the black car drives right up onto the nose of the #33. He took “rubbin’ is racin'” to a whole new level. And if that wasn’t redneck enough with one car sitting on top of another, things continue to escalate.

Naturally, #33 driver hops out of the car, rightfully a little miffed and takes off his helmet. But instead of just exchanging words with the other driver he throwing punches. The track workers stand back and let this guy go instead of stepping in, which is pretty crazy. Only after a few minutes does a cop appear. But instead of just breaking up the fight like a normal situation he pulls out a taser and starts tasing the guy. Because at this point things couldn’t get any crazy.

Soon after the tasing comes to an end, the cuffs are on both guys and they start getting hauled away. Have you ever seen anything so crazy? If you have, we definitely want to hear about it because this one takes the #1 spot as far as we’re concerned!