People Are Already Flipping 2021 Ford Broncos For $30,000 Over Sticker Price

Photo Credit: Ford

People that have gotten their hands on the much anticipated SUV are already making big bucks by flipping them.

It’s reported by Autoevolution that someone in L.A. is attempting to flip two Bronco orders for both a Wildtrack and First Edition Bronco. Ford has listed MSRP for these two models is $49,475 and $61,605 respectively but the person flipping them is asking a whopping $80,000 for the Wildtrak and $90,000 for the First Edition.

Photo Credit: Facebook Marketplace

You can find the listing on Facebook marketplace which states, “Selling my 2021 Ford Bronco Wildtrack 4dr order that will be shipped to Galpin Ford. I have a $1000 deposit to secure production and delivery. You’ll be the first to drive the new Bronco- Demand is so high majority of the 2021 orders will be produced in 2022 and dealers won’t have any Broncos available for sale until MY21 production orders have shipped.”

The seller is attempting to justify the inflation with the fact that wait times are still quite high for a Bronco. The seller also notes that the first 2021 Bronco sold for 1 million at auction, so the buyer of theirs is getting a deal, really. However, the idea that the money went to charity through a public auction verse a private sale on Facebook seems to be lost on them. So while all the points made are true, is it worth an almost $30,000 price markup?

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