Owner of Subaru Hit By Flying Tesla Raises $22,500 to Replace Vehicle in GoFundMe

Photo by @jordanhookmusic

Last weekend, a car stunt gone wrong made national news when an unknown driver jumped a rented Tesla Model S in a Los Angeles neighborhood that left residents outraged. Among those was musician Jordan Hook, whose Subaru Forester was one of the parked vehicles damaged by the driver.

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In incidents such as this, the offending driver’s insurance would take care of the damage. However, because the unnamed driver willingly broke the law, that’s where things get more complicated. In the meantime, Hook set up a GoFundMe in an effort to raise funds for a replacement vehicle. “I just put almost $5,000 into this car getting a new motor put in last month which kind of wiped out my saving,” says Hook. “Jumping a car (with a cat inside) on a neighborhood street in the middle of the night just for likes and followers is NOT COOL.”

Hook says his insurance is working with a local mechanic to determine whether or not his Subaru will be deemed “totaled”, saying it’s “right on that line.” In the meantime, his GoFundMe successfully managed to raise $22,500 in funds to use towards a replacement vehicle.

While speaking with TMZ, Hook had some stern words for the driver, as well as the stunt driving community in general, “Do your stunts. Get your clout. Get your bank, I get that. But own up and clean up. Come take care of the mess you made in our neighborhood.”

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