Over 30 Drivers Get Flat Tires While Commuting on California Highway

flat car tire close up, punctured wheel

Morning commutes are stressful. Everyone is on the freeway at the exact same time on their way to work and it’s not uncommon for obstacles to bring traffic to a slow crawl. Sometimes it’s construction. Sometimes someone gets pulled over by police. Sometimes there’s an accident. But for a group of drivers traveling down the 405 Freeway near Mulholland Drive in California, they were all mysteriously struck with the same problem on their morning commutes: flat tires.

In a report by ABC7, 36 drivers were lined up on the side of the freeway requiring assistance to change their flat tires.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the incidents did not appear to be intentional. Some believe the cause of the flat tires may have been a box of nails or wooden blocks that fell off a truck.

Thankfully no injuries were reported.

So remember the next time you find yourself stuck in traffic on your morning commute to work, it can always be worse.

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