Out Of Control Mini Cooper Crashes On Highway

The interstate is full of out of control drivers. If you commute to work, you know this to be true. A lot of people drive too fast, stop in the middle of the road or just overall can’t drive. In this particular video, a Mini Cooper ruins the day of an unsuspecting Mitsubishi driver.

We see a car driving down the road with a dash cam, which seems to be an interstate with light traffic. Everything’s going fine, until an out of control Mini Cooper comes out of nowhere on the right side of the screen at the 1:03 mark. The Mini is obviously driving too fast and then loses control, over corrects and literally plows into a Mitsubishi driver. The Mitsubishi IMMEDIATELY flips over upside down and skids down the interstate. The Mini then crashes into the side barrier and hits an Infiniti SUV when it goes out of view.

Amazingly this crash only resulted in minor injuries. The Mitsubishi flipping upside down like that made it look like a really serious crash but thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. People seriously need to slow down and stop driving crazy! What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments what you think!