Our First Ever 4x4 Cargo Van Build!

Nissan NV! 2016 PowerNation Week #35

This week on PowerNation Katie features our first ever 4x4 cargo van build. Nissan’s Fred Diaz, Divisional Vice President and General Manager Trucks and Vans is her guest, along with our own Ian Johnson who is transforming Nissan’s NV into a hardcore offroad van. Fred will talk about how hot sales are of these utility vans are right now and why he believes Nissan has a competitive edge. Ian will talk about the build of the van into something that’s half rock crawler - half rock racer. They’ll both talk about their expectations for the payoff which will be in Payson, AZ, and as Ian says, they will have never seen anything like this Nissan NV on their trails until we get there. It’s a build and payoff unlike any we’ve ever done, so make sure you tune in.

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