Oregon Residents Are Losing Their Minds Over Having To Pump Their Own Gas

The New Year is bringing a change for Oregon residents. They may have to pump their own gas.

Until the first of the year, Oregon was 1 of 2 states that required an attendant pump your gas for you. But last year, a bill was passed that allows gas stations in counties with less than 40,000 people to get rid of gas station attendants and let customers pump their own gas. It should also be noted that the law is currently only applied to those smaller counties and is only “allowing” gas stations the option, not making it mandatory. So stations still have the option to use attendants. And the people of Oregon are losing their minds over it. They’ve taken to the Internet to voice their concerns about everything from smelling like gas to having to be out in the weather. Does pumping your own gas bother you? Are they being over dramatic? Let us know in the comments

Source: The Drive

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