Oregon Gas Law, Multi-Story Hot Wheels Track, Nissan’s Brain Technology, Garage Fire, Pedal Mix Up, And Fast Fails

•Oregon Residents Are Losing Their Minds Over Having To Pump Their Own Gas
•A Two-Story Hot Wheels Track That Will Make Any Kid Jealous
•Nissan Is Introducing Cars That Will Read Your Brain Waves
•A Parking Garage Fire Lead To 1,400 Destroyed Cars
•A Classic Gas And Brake Pedal Mix-up Sends A Kia Flying Out Of A Drive Thru
•And Top 5 Fast Fails

As we begin PowerNation in 2018 we’re changing how we bring you all those cool cars and interesting builders and owners. Instead of them coming to us, we’re going to them! Starting in January Gannon Pritchard will join Katie on PowerNation as he field reports from the shops, garages, homes, barns and any other car connected places we can find. Our first week’s show comes to you from Bay One Customs in Springfield, Tennessee. Owner T.C. Penick opens up the doors and lets Gannon inside his shop that has produced so many amazing builds over the years.

Plus we’ll have a stand-alone digital version story of each shop that you can find on PowerNationTV.com. It’s an all-new way to bring you PowerNation, so join Katie, Gannon and the rest of the Tech Center team as we strive to bring all new tech and how-to all year long.