Old School VW Golf Destroys Lamborghini In Drag Race!

Everyone loves a good sleeper drag car! Seems like older cars, especially economy cars, are WAY less likely to be considered even remotely fast. Why would anything assume a really old Volkswagen Golf would be fast, especially without any noticeable exterior modifications to make it look like a racer. A Lamborghini on the other hand, is obviously a super fast car and everyone knows it. Everything Lamborghini makes looks and sounds amazingly quick and that’s just stock! A standard Volkswagen Golf however looks like an everyday commuter car.

Cool thing about tuned older, cheaper cars is that it probably cost a fraction of the price that the Lamborghini costs. It may not look nearly as awesome as a Lamborghini does but in cases like this, it’s faster than one! This is just a great example of how well built classic cars were and how easily modifiable they are. There are so many videos out there of old school cars beating brand new expensive supercars down the track and it’s just flat out awesome! What do you think about this drag race? Are you a fan of Volkswagen golfs? What about Lamborghini’s? Let us know in the comments what you think!