Now THIS Is A Dirt Bike Crash!

Dirt bike riding has a lot of risks involved, especially when you’re riding through lots of mud. It’s much easier to have an accident when mud or water is involved because of the high probability of losing control. Having such an unpredictable off road experience however is part of the fun for a lot of drivers. It’s always best to have a high level of skill before attempting to drive through rough terrain though.

This video is pretty crazy because of the intensity of the crash and the slow motion making it so much more insane! This guy is riding on a dirt bike on a dirt road or some kind of off road track somewhere. He then comes up on a water puddle which looks like is the reason he loses control of his bike. This is when the slow motion starts! The bike spins out of control as the rider goes face first down into the ground causing part of his helmet to break off!

This is intense! The rider rolls through the watery mud and it definitely doesn’t look fun! Ouch! What do you think happened that caused this crash? Let us know in the comments what you think!