Nissan Has Come Up With Its Own Measurement For Power

Performance on the road is always measured in horsepower. But Nissan has come up with its own measurement to see how a vehicle will handle off-road and it’s called camel power. No joke.

Nissan engineers came up with camel power in hopes to more clearly define off-road performance numbers for their vehicles. Their formula can be applied to any off-road vehicle. According to MotorTrend, it’s basically an equation that uses the vehicle’s weight, trajectory, and velocity. Other factors that come into play are engine torque and the skill of the driver. But they’re hoping if they standardize speed and trajectory in a set environment they can find the “Desert Camel Power”.

Nissan released a video with a camel on a desert test track and measured its average speed. After they found the numbers the engineers found how many watts are equal to a unit of Camel Power. Nissan is marketing the idea in its SUVS in showrooms around the Middle East and then hoping Camel Power will be recognized globally eventually. Do you think it’ll catch on?