Nissan Frontier Pickup Driver With Over 1 million Miles Gets New Truck


A million miles on a standard pickup doesn’t come along every day. Nissan is trading Brian Murphy’s 2007 Frontier in for a brand new one, on them.

Murphy put all million miles on the truck himself as an independent delivery man while driving from Chicago about 13 hours a day since he bought it.

Nissan actually brought the truck to the Chicago Auto Show in February to help launch the refreshed 2020 model and announce an all-new 2021 Frontier.

The only work Murphy had done to the Frontier was after driving over 800,000 miles. Then, he changed out the clutch to a 9-speed automatic transmission. The truck still has the original four-cylinder engine.

The million-mile Frontier won’t be scrapped but instead, live on in a display at the Smyrna Vehicle Assembly Plant in Smyrna, Tenn., where it was built.

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