New Ford Mustang Teaser Features Demo of it Running Through Its Gears

7th Generation All-New Ford Mustang

We are only a week away before Ford debuts its next-generation Mustang on September 14th. Of course, the automaker is only building even more anticipation for Mustang fans with its latest teaser which features an auto clip of its engine hitting high revs before running through its gears. Based on the sound, it may suggest that the car is dropping down and downshifting to take a corner, or at least on a track.

Ford has previously announced that the next-generation Mustang will come with a manual transmission option, so it can only be assumed that it will also be available as an automatic too.

Another rumor floating around the new Mustang is that it will come with the current 5.0-liter V8 and 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Based on the engine used in the teaser, the V8 appears to have some exhaust tuning to sound more aggressive than the current stock version of the engine. As far as horsepower and torque, fans will have to wait until the official unveiling on September 14th for those numbers.

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