Neighbors Restore ’88 Ford Mustang GT That Belonged To Woman’s Late Son

This guy was a good neighbor, and then some.

Maleeya Davis hung on to the 1988 Ford Mustang GT that once belonged to her son, Troy, to help keep his memory alive. After his passing in 2006, the Foxbody spent most of its time sitting in the driveway. As tends to happen after years in the outdoor elements, the car started looking run down. However, when car enthusiast Jerry Heasley was passing by he couldn’t help but notice the car seemed to never move and reached out to Maleeya to see if the car was for sale. That’s when he learned the story behind it.

After Maleeya told him the history behind the Foxbody, Heasley decided that helping to restore the car was a better decision than trying to buy and flip it. The car was covered in years worth of dirt, dust-filled every available crevice, and rust was starting to show. There was also the factor of missing keys, old gas, and an aftermarket alarm system.

Heasley reached out to several friends and companies to supply parts and labor for the all-pro bono restoration. There was no cost to Davis whatsoever. The car received a full fluid service, complete brake overhaul, and a new fuel pump, and lots and lots of bodywork. Aesthetically, the car got new trim, vinyl highlights, and color-matched paint along with period-correct wheels.

After all the work was complete, Davis didn’t hardly recognize the car.

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