NASA Has A New Mars Rover Concept That Looks Ready For Armageddon

We usually don’t pay a whole lot of attention to vehicles revealed by NASA since they’re usually small and robot looking with not much significance to gearheads. But this Mars Rover Concept vehicle is pretty cool. It’s fully functional with six wheels, 4 seats, and obviously room in the back for experiments. And although it’s called the Mars Rover Concept, unfortunately, this thing won’t leave Earth.

It’s going to be used to educate people about Mars. It was built by Shanon and Marc Parker, brothers who built a lot of cool rides like the bikes in Tron back in 2010. With help from astronauts, the brothers built the entire rover in only 5 months, according to Motor1. It was revealed this week at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to kick off the Summer of Mars event. Its top speed is a slow crawl at best but with the massive wheels and Armageddon design look, it’s still a pretty cool rover.

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