Monster Trunk Stunts, Gnarly F1 Crash, Mustang Fireball, Drivable Lego Chiron, No More Focus In US, And Fast Fails

Today on PND…
• Monster Trucks Never Disappoint When It Comes To Stunts
• An F1 Driver Walks Away From A Crash At Over 200 MPH
• A Mustang Burns Out Into A Fireball
• A Completely Drivable Lego-Built Bugatti Chiron
• The Ford Focus Active Won’t Come To The US Due To Tariffs
• And Top 5 Fast Fails: Burnout Edition

Grave Digger
Just because they’re massive doesn’t mean they can’t be graceful. Tyler Menninga proves that Monster Trucks have what it takes to do stunts with the best of them! Last year he pulled off the longest nose wheelie ever at 80 seconds in the famous Grave Digger but he’s at it again! This time at the Monster Jam Triple Threat in Tampa. It may not be record-breaking but it’s still awesome to watch!

F1 Crash
You know you’re lucky when you’re able to walk away from a crash in a car going over 200 MPH. F1 driver, Marcus Ericsonn, is one of those people. At the Italian Grand Prix practice, his car suddenly veers to the left when it hits the wall and rolls several times before coming to a stop. It’s reported he got out and is A-OK.

Mustang Fireball
Normally, we see Mustangs plowing into crowds. But this time, it self-destroys! At the annual Sturgis Mustang Rally in South Dakota, a Mustang is mid-burnout when the back tires go up in flames! Amazingly, nobody was hurt and there wasn’t even any damage to the car itself!

Drivable Lego Chiron
There have been several vehicles built entirely from Lego pieces. Everything from Ferraris to airplanes have been built but most of them aren’t able to be driven. This Bugatti Chiron, though, definitely is drivable. There are over a million pieces of Lego Technic in this life-sized Bugatti Chiron, along with 2,304 tiny Lego electric motors that allow it to be actually driven to speeds of over 18 miles per hour.

Lego started the build back in September of 2017 and only finished it a few months ago. Surprisingly, there’s not a single drop of glue in the replica. In order to make it drivable on four wheels, and to properly support the weight of 1,500-pounds of plastic, a human driver, and a passenger, the vehicle is supported on a minimal steel framework that also includes minimal non-Lego parts for the vehicle’s drivetrain. But what about under the hood? Lego connected 2,304 of its Technic motors using 2,016 axle pieces, and 4,032 plastic gears, to create a functional electric motor that generates upwards of 5.3-horsepower.

Focus Active Tariff
Earlier this year, Ford announced it would be scaling back its car production to only a few models. But now with additional tariffs, it’s getting cut back even more. The automaker will now not be selling the Chinese-made Focus Active in the US thanks for a 25% import tax was announced. There was already such a small profit margin that the taxes would take too big of a chunk. The Mustang will now be the only non-truck Ford sold in America. What are your thoughts?

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