MONSTER Bike Crushes Car!


Most everyone by now has seen a monster truck once or twice in their life but it’s not everyday you see a MONSTER bike is it? It’s amazing at how innovation can lead to all kinds of really cool and creative customization of not only cars and trucks but also motorcycles as well. The limits are really endless when it comes to custom projects of vehicles and the bike seen in this video is a perfect example of extreme customization. It’s a really awesome sight to see and it really rivals monster trucks in the “monster” category.

When this monster of a bike is driven off this trailer, you know something really awesome is going on! The wheels and tires alone are SO much bigger than the average person it’s insane! The bike itself is 30ft long and weighs…wait for it…14 tons! Now THAT’S a monster! What do you do with such a large monster bike? You run over a car of course! That’s exactly what this bike did and it literally crushes the car at the end of the video and it’s just flat out awesome! This is truly an awesome invention! What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!