Million Dollar Damage, Tire Chasing, Invisible Trailers, Burnout Record, Emotional Crash, And Fast Fails

Today on PND…
• Kids Cause Almost $1 Million In Damage At Houston CarMax
• A Man Was Seen Chasing A Tire Down The Interstate
• This Company Is Making Trailers Invisible
• A 126-Car Record-Setting Burnout
• A Man Made His “Bad Day” Worse By Crashing Into A Porsche Dealer
• And Top 5 Fast Fails: Interstate Edition

Houston Carmax Damage
There’s teenagers having fun and then there’s actual destruction. Four underage kids (teenagers) were taken to jail in Houston after damaging 20 cars at a CarMax. Some of the cars That were damaged include a Corvette Z06, Challenger Scat Pack, Mustang GT, Porsche 911 and Jaguar XE. As of now, the total damage amount is at $800,000 and rising. It’s reported that they broke in and turned the parking lot into their own demolition derby, basically. They were trying to steal the cars but the lot was so secure they couldn’t get out in the cars. Guess they got what the had coming…

Tire Chase
Speaking of Houston…what’s going on over there. This video also took place there and it’s not the first time they’ve had objects go rogue on their interstates. Last year they had the giant spools of cable rolling around. But now, a man was seen chasing a tire down I-45. Local News ABC13 reported the man is Mitch Chapman and he caught up to the wheel before it hit anyone else. There’s no idea what happened to set the tire rolling…would you catch it if it was your tire?

Invisible Trailer
Poor visibility is one of the top complaints for today’s vehicles, especially when it comes to towing. A few automakers have addressed the issue with different designs but Parisian Automotive Supplier, Valeo, has a different idea. With it’s “XtraVue” trailer that is being debuted at CES you can actually see through your trailer. Several cameras are mounted on the back of your vehicle and trailer combine into a single image that shows what’s going on behind the trailer making it virtually “invisible”. Would you use it?

Burnout Record
If you thought the Gymkhana videos were awesome, check this out. During the Australian Summernats (a local automotive event) over 2,500 cars were in attendance and 126 cars came together to burn their tires for a solid 30 seconds. That’s smoke from 252 tires. They broke the previous burnout-record set in Saudi Arabia with 119 cars…nice work!

Emotional Bad Day
Everyone has bad days. However, most of us don’t deal with it by driving head-on into a Porsche dealership (on purpose!). A 20-year-old man reportedly went full-on insane and rammed his Toyota into a Porsche dealership, according to CityNews Toronto. Two employees saw it happen and said it was definitely not an accident. The driver smashed through the glass, ran over to a 718 Cayman and wrote the name “Eve” on the side panel. So, apparently, his bad day is related to an (ex?) girlfriend. Luckily nobody was hurt but man, punch a wall next time!

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