Maryland Drivers With Classic Cars May Be Facing Emissions Tests Again

Currently in Maryland, vehicles 20 years or older can get by without emissions testing by registering as “historic motor vehicles” or HMV. However, that could be about to change thanks to House Bill 1258. The bill could revoke the emissions exemption granted to HMVs younger than 40 years old.

It would require vehicles built from 1981 to 2000 that are currently registered as HMVs to undergo testing until they pass the 40-year milestone. If your vehicle is pre-1996 it will include a sniffer test and for vehicles built after 1996, On-Board Diagnostic readings.

The SEMA Action Network has formally opposed the bill saying it “ignores the fact that historic vehicles represent a small percentage of total vehicles on the road in Maryland and thus have minimal environmental impact.” The hearing for HB 1258 is scheduled for March 5 of this year.

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