Man Saws Tree Into Ford Truck…Doesn’t End Well

This video is obviously pretty old but it’s still really funny! When cutting a tree down yourself, you need a good game plan because things like this could happen!

The guy in this video has his old Ford truck backed up to this giant tree stump that he’s about to cut down. His plan is to cut down the stump and it fall safely into the back of his truck where he can drive it away somewhere. Sounds simple enough right?

Well as the guy begins to cut down this tree stump, it then begins to fall into the back of the truck. As this massive stump crashes into the truck bed, the suspension appears to be crushed! This damaging impact causes the truck to then roll forward! Uh oh! Runaway truck situation! The video then gets pretty funny because the guy then takes off after the truck to try and stop it!

The truck probably was so damaged that it more than likely severely struggled to drive after that. What’s worse now is that they probably had to figure out a way to remove that giant tree stump out of the truck bed to another vehicle. What a fail!