Man Rides More Than 3 Miles on Assaulter’s Hood, Rage Ends In Driver Being Held At Gunpoint

People are wild, man. Road rage can get out of hand in a second, as you see in this video. NBC Boston 10 reported that 65-year-old Richard Kamrowski ended up on the hood of 37-year-old Mark Fitzgerald’s Infiniti FX during rush hour on the Mass Pike. And that’s not even the crazy part.

Fitzgerald allegedly drove more than three miles with Kamrowski on the hood at speeds of 70+ miles per hour, according to this report. It supposedly all started with a fender bender between the two. Kamrowski’s side of things are Fitzgerald attempted to leave the scene of the incident when he stood in front of the Infiniti SUV. Obviously, this wasn’t phasing Fitzgerald, who kept driving while Kamrowski jumped on the hood to avoid getting run over.

Luckily for Kamrowski, things ended when nearby motorists boxed in Fitzgerald and forced him to stop the vehicle. But wait, there’s more. One of the people who helped partake in the saving of Kamrowski then pulled a gun on Fitzgerald until the police arrived. When police arrived, the gun-having Good Samaritan (who claimed to have a license to carry the weapon) was forced to the ground. That guy is not being charged with anything.

Fitzgerald didn’t talk to the media but he did accuse Kamrowski of assault. You can clearly see the windshield is shattered in video of the car driving. And as seems fair, both men were charged. So the question is…was all this necessary over a minor fender bender? We’re gonna go with “no”.

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