Man Parks In Shopping Cart Aisle So Store Employees Get Revenge

If you park like a jerk, be prepared for people to express their unhappiness.

This driver didn’t just park on the white line or take up two spots. This person parked their car in an underground parking garage belonging to a supermarket in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s not explained whether the driver just didn’t realize what they were doing or parked like a jerk on purpose but either way, the store employees decided it deserved revenge. They came up with the idea to surround the Peugeot with shopping carts. So many shopping carts.

Arnold Angelini documented the whole incident and post it to FaceBook for us to all comment on. He said he saw the silver hatchback’s roof sticking out from the pile of shopping carts on the way back to his car.

Angelini interviewed with local media and said the parking deck was reportedly full so the driver decided to park in the cart area leading to this situation. Did they deserve it?

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