Man Lights Up Cigarette, and then Himself at Gas Station

As the saying goes, “common sense isn’t that common.” Unfortunately for some people, this is too true, leaving them to learn the hard way.

This was the case for one Russian man in the Chelyabinsk region who decided it was time to light up a cigarette next to a working gas pump. Briefly forgetting that gasoline is flammable, the man found himself and his car up in flames.

Thankfully the man was able to avoid any life-threatening injuries. However, his small sedan likely withstood some minor damage. But this entire scenario had the potential to be much worse as the man managed to move his car to a safe location and acquire a nearby fire extinguisher to put out the flames, preventing the fuel pump from exploding.

There are “no smoking” signs seen everywhere at every gas station for this very reason. Because if you can wait a few minutes to fuel up your tank, you can wait a few minutes to light up your next cigarette. Otherwise, we’d be faced with more Zoolander situations on a regular basis.

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