Man Is “Pulled Over” By Police Chopper For Allegedly Doing Donuts

People get pulled over every day. But it’s usually by an officer on the ground who caught them speeding or parking illegally. Don’t think we’ve ever heard of a car being pulled over by a helicopter. But there’s a first time for everything!

Turns out, sometimes those “enforced by aircraft” warning signs aren’t just a bluff. Except in Kentucky resident, Zack Bell’s case, he didn’t do anything wrong. Bell wasn’t looking for anything but a view of the floodwaters in downtown Louisville when all this happened, but the police in the aircraft seemed to think otherwise. When Bell drove his Subaru BRZ on the roof of an empty parking garage he was soon approached by the helicopter that landed about 20 feet in front of him. According to the description posted with the photo from his Facebook post:

“This police helicopter landed directly in front of me and accused me of doing donuts on the parking lot when all I was doing was looking at the flooded river. So he landed and got out and asked for my id cause he was accusing me of doing donuts and I explained to him how I just got here 5mins ago and he can ask every witness if I was doing donuts and then he turned around and left and flew away, so yea basically I got pulled over by a helicopter and thank god for the dude I met that got this photo for me!! credit: Wyatt Keys”

Apparently, the officer was referring to a series of old tire marks visible nearby according to The Drive. Bell defended himself and told the officers to check every camera in the area to prove he had just got there and wasn’t responsible for the tire marks.

When the officers realized it was a mistake, Bell said he gave back his driver’s license, got in the helicopter, and “flew away”.

Luckily, amateur photographer Wyatt Keys also happened to be checking out the floodwaters and happened to get this amazing shot of the helicopter taking off in front of the cars.

The Louisville Police Department says that helicopter crews are allowed to land and confront drivers or suspects at their discretion, though it’s a rare occurrence. They made peace by sharing the post from Bell with a clever caption: