Man Almost Ran Over When His Runaway SUV Rolls Into The Water

To say this guy is lucky is an understatement. Not necesarily for what happened to his SUV and boat but the fact that he’s alive. British Columbia resident, Amir Hashemi is suffering only from scrapes on his arms and legs, and terrible knee pain and probably a little bit of a damaged ego after this incident.

Both the Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid SUV and the speedboat ended up in the water, with the SUV almost completely submerged. Josh Bishop, who recorded the footage, says Hashemi then grabbed a life jacket and swam out to the boat and detached it from the trailer.

While Hashemi says the whole thing was a blur, he clearly remembers he didn’t put his SUV into park but used the “Auto Hold” button, which is widely understood to be a tool for drivers in stop-and-go traffic.

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