LS Fest Is Adding An Additional Event...LS Fest West!

We will have an exclusive interview with Holley and learn all about the LS Fest West on tomorrow's episode of PND but for now, here's some info on the added event!

Holley’s LS Fest West is coming up May 5th thru the 7th out in Las Vegas! LS Fest has quickly become a favorite for GM’s high-performance LS engine fans.

For this year’s event, Holley is introducing an additional LS Fest…LS Fest West, which will be at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway! The original LS Fest will still be held in Bowling Green but for those of you who can’t make it all the way to Kentucky here’s another option. If an LS based or late model LT engine is powering your ride or even if you’re thinking about doing an LS swap, you need to check this out. If you can name it and it’s being powered by an LS there’ll be something here for you to see. At the event you can take part in drag racing classes, autocross, dyno Challenge, and the Off Road Challenge where Ian Johnson and the Xtreme Off Road team will be to get it all on camera.

LS engines are taking over the off road world and they’re going to be put to the test at LS Fest West. There will be truck and buggy classes as long as they’re LS powered. Vehicles in each class will compete side-by-side on identical courses. The Ultra 4 Racing crew, who is also the creators of King Of The Hammers, will set up the track! Each truck will be required to make qualifying runs on both of the identical courses, then their qualifying time will be the average of both courses. After that, drag race style eliminations will take place. The truck that wins head to head will advance. Time doesn’t matter in eliminations…you just want to beat the truck beside you! They’re looking for the best 4-wheel drive vehicles in the world, so if you think you’ve got one…bring it to Vegas!

All events that you'll be able to participate in at LS Fest West are listed below:

Drag Racing which includes: Grudge/Test-N-Tune, True Street, Outlaw True Street (1/8 mile), Rumble (Index), Street King, Late Model Heads-Up, LS Truck (1/8 mile), and LS Outlaw 275 (1/8 mile).

Autocross which is limited to the first 150 vehicles. The autocross event is a low-speed competition that is designed to highlight the handling, acceleration, and braking of your vehicle.

Drift Challenge which Holley is pleased to announce is an additional Drift Challenge for the LS Fest schedule that will allow drivers to showcase their talent and compete for a $1,500 purse and great publicity! The deadline for drifting entries is April 1st, 2017, so don't waste time if you're interested! Also new to LS Fest West is an exhibition style drift day which will take place on the 2.4-mile, 12-turn portion of LVMS.


Classes Include:
Lowrider – *NEW*
Street Rod - Any domestic cars built prior to 1949.
Classic Custom –Any domestic cars built between 1949 and 1963.
Muscle Car – Any domestic cars built between 1964 and 1974.
Street Machine – Any domestic cars built between 1975 and 1995.
Late Model – Any domestic cars built between 1996 and present.
Non-domestic – All imports, all years.
Classic Truck – Any domestic trucks built prior to 1974.
Muscle Truck – Any domestic trucks built between 1975 and 1995.
Late Model truck – Any domestic trucks built between 1996 and present.
Just Because – Any non-car/truck vehicle powered by an LS engine.
Under Construction – Any unfinished LS engine based project vehicle.
Best of Show – Winner takes home $500 cash + Jacket!

Road Course Challenge which will be held at the 2.4 mile, 12-turn “Outside Road Course” portion of Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Dyno Challenge only makes sense being that Holley is all about performance! You can bring your LS or current generation LT powered ride out to LS Fest and slap it on the dyno to see how you measure up.

3S Challenge is the Baer Brakes 3S Challenge is making it's way westward. The name stands for Speed, Stop & Steering which combines elements of autocross and speed-stop into a single event.

Off Road Challenge where Ian Johnson and the crew from Xtreme Off-Road will be to capture the action and have it aired on Spike TV! There will be classes for trucks as well as buggies.
Unlimited Buggy (Custom Chassis)
Unlimited Truck (Custom Chassis); open to first 40 trucks to enter
Stock Modified (Based on factory chassis & body); open to first 40 trucks to enter

Poker Run Challenge is a new event segment! All you have to do is grab a route map and a list of addresses and take off. Each competitor must make all five stops on the Poker Run and receive one playing card from each stop to complete the challenge. It's a different challenge from the Bowling Green Countryside Cruise in that there will be various awards presented.

Special Events: Bring the whole family to LS Fest – there’s something for everybody to enjoy.

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