Loading a Diesel Race Truck On A Trailer Turns Into A MAJOR FAIL!

This is similar to a lot of other trailer loading fail videos. You see someone who clearly gives the car too much gas which causes it to fly off the side of the trailer ending into a terrible fail! It’s understandable that people want to make sure the vehicle gets up the ramp, so giving it sufficient acceleration makes sense but a lot of times people misjudge how much acceleration they’re actually gonna need!

In this video you see a diesel trace truck sitting in a parking lot somewhere. Suddenly the driver gives the truck some gas, which then causes it to accelerate forward at a pretty quick speed. Now you see a loading trailer come into view. As the truck drives up the trailer ramp, it somehow slides off the side of the trailer causing it to then slide backwards. The truck then comes to a stop. It then looks like one of the fuel canisters got punctured and is leaking all over the place! What a disaster! If only the driver drove a little slower this might not have happened. What do you think about this fail? Let us know in the comments what you think went wrong!