Lexus Loses Its Parachute At 278 MPH

Going 200 mph is gettin’ it done. And EKanoo Racing has destroyed that with the world’s fastest and quickest door slammer – their Lexus Pro Boost RCF. They managed a time of 5.379 at 278.79 miles per hour.

At the end of the record-breaking run is where things get sketchy. Only one of the parachutes deployed and according to the original video description, the side door skin on the passenger side ripped free and a shower of sparks erupted as the front end slammed back to the pavement after wheelie-ing down the strip. Luckily, the driver was able to keep control and save himself and the car!

Check out the story below where Ekanoo Racing took their 911 Turbo S to Esmotor, a Turkish engineer crew. They managed to run an 8.99-second ¼ mile pass at 160 mph. Not only is that world record for the 911, but it also makes it the first PDK-equipped car to run under 9-seconds in the quarter mile.