LEGO Jeep Replica Took Two Years to Build, and Seconds to be Destroyed

Photo by Beyond the Brick

What is great about LEGOs is that they are literally the building blocks for your imagination. You can build houses, castles, animals, and even some incredible works of art.

In some cases, one of the most heartbreaking moments is watching your work, which you spent enormous amounts of time building, be destroyed.

That was the case for a 120,000-piece LEGO Army Jeep replica that took a team two years to construct. Once Simon Blackburn, Kevin Hyatt, and Colin Smithson, finished their LEGO Jeep, it’s customary to take a picture with it. Or in this case, in it.

In a video posted by Beyond the Brick, we see one team member manage to snag a photo inside the delicate sculpture. However, once the second team member attempts to position himself inside the LEGO Jeep, he realizes just how much of a risk he’s taking, fully aware of how long it took them to build it.

While he manages to get himself inside the Jeep, getting out was the hard part. Within a matter of seconds, the team watches in shock as their two-year creation falls apart.

Thankfully, the three artists manage to laugh off the incident.

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