Lamborghini Takes Out Marshals, Crushed Exotics, Ride Sharing Cap, RWD Bugatti, Foot Chase, And Fast Fails

Today on PND…
• A Lamborghini Takes Out 4 Marshals
• Why The Philippine President Crushed Over 75 Exotic Cars
• New York City May Soon Put A Cap On Ride Sharing Vehicles
•A Bugatti Converted To RWD
•A Police Officer That Chased A Runaway Vehicle On Foot
•And Top 5 Fast Fails: Bus Edition

Lambo Crash Into Marshals
Overall racing has become much safer than it was decades ago. Crashes are unavoidable, but the injuries can be less intense. Not for these 4 marshals unfortunately. During a race in Belgium, the #23 car struck the tire barrier that was protecting the marshal’s stand. While 3 of the 4 marshals escaped with minor injuries, one was unfortunately brought to the hospital with substantial wounds.

Exotics Destroyed
He’s at it again. We covered a story a while back after the Philippine President recorded the crushing of several expensive and exotic cars. And now there are approximately 75 more vehicles that were smuggled in and seized by customs. The cars included Lamborghinis and Porsches and amounted to about $4.2 million dollars. Do you think the point was made?

Rideshare Cap
Ridesharing has risen to the top of popular ways to get around town. But New York City may be one of the first to limit the number of ridesharing vehicles on the road. City officials are worries about congestion as well as the effect companies like Uber and Lyft are having on taxis and the public transport systems. They want a bill that would stop the issuing of ridesharing licenses for at least a year. Do you think it’s fair?

Bugatti RWD Conversion
Having the power and speed of a Bugatti Veyron wasn’t enough for Houston Crosta. Along with his exhaust system and carbon fiber body kit, he added one more mod. He made the Bugatti RWD and took it to an empty parking lot…awesome! He’s also the guy that did his own DIY oil change worth $20,000!

Cop Save On Foot
This is a crazy story. A Sherriff’s department in South Carolina was alerted that a truck was being driven erratically through the town. So when it passed by a narcotics officer he followed in pursuit. He realized the driver was elderly and appeared to be having a medical emergency so he got out and chased the truck on foot when it slowed down to a roll. After being able to hop in the passenger door, he thought the man was dead and immediately called for an ambulance. He performed CPR until help arrived where they reported a possible opioid overdose. The driver of the truck got lucky that the officer was able to get control of the situation.

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