Know The Course Before You Jump!

This video features a tricky drop and a buggy that didn’t survive it at the Best In The Desert in Arizona earlier this year.

Now, this kind of chaos happens all the time in desert racing, but the 239 Films clip of the Parker 250 RZR flying down the hill shredding itself apart was too crazy not to share.

“I was this close to telling him [the course] turns right,” Valor Racing co-driver Josh said, recounting this crash at the 2018 Parker 250. “And that’s when I look up and the ground disappears and we go sailing off.”

Basically, the driver and co-driver didn’t realize the course went down and right over this blind crest, unfortunately.

If the jump doesn’t look like it’s that steep, even on GPS, this is an easy mistake to make. Fortunately both people in the vehicle were OK at least. Oviously, the RZR was banged up pretty bad but it’s nothing that can’t be repaired.