Ken Block Finally Has A First Ever Signature Ford Vehicle

The day has come...Ken Block has his own signature car! Have a guess what it is? You're probably wrong. Yeah it's a Ford but it's a run of M-Sport’s custom Ford Transit van! The firm responsible for the outrageous Ford Transit is M-Sport, the UK company behind the Ford Fiesta WRC rally cars.As you can imagine it has custom bodywork, a hand-crafted leather interior and special blacked-out details that carry all the way down to the headlight housings and the Ford badges front and rear. The Transits also come with an enhanced and lowered suspension setup as well as lightweight wheels.

“I’m really stoked with how this collaboration turned out,” said Block. “I always thought that maybe someday I’d have a signature Ford vehicle, but I never thought that it’d be a van! Ha! I really like this thing though, it’s super practical for me since I have a wife and three kids and we travel a ton. This Ford Transit has the look and styling that I like, is fun to drive and manages to hold us and all of our stuff. We’ve been running around Norway in a test unit the last week and a half and I’m blown away by the looks and attention this thing has been getting. Plus my wife and kids like it, so it’s a win-win in my book.”

The only bummer? You can't buy one unless you live in Europe.

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