Just Married Fail! Best/Worst Day Ever!

Just like the video we posted recently of the bride falling off of the groom’s scooter on their wedding day, this is just bad luck! The #1 day you wouldn’t want something like this to happen would be on your wedding day of course! Nobody wants to get married and have the best day of their life, only to drive away and crash their car, which would then be the worst day also!

In this video, a motorcyclist with a helmet cam is driving down the road through a city somewhere. As the biker is driving, all of a sudden a car with a bride and groom in it, crash into another car causing a rear end collision. What are the chances the biker would capture this on video RIGHT as he was riding by? The biker then turns around to see if the couple was ok and fortunately nobody was injured in this accident. There’s not really an explanation of what exactly went wrong to cause this accident but one thing is for certain, that’s definitely not something both of them will forget! What do you think about this wedding day fail? Thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!