Jet Ski Jump, Entry-Level Challenger, Yenko Corvette, Road Rage Karma, And Mystery Stolen Car

Today on PND…

• A Jet Ski Driver That Just Sends It
• Dodge Has A New “Grass Roots”, Drag Strip Ready Challenger
• A Yenko Corvette That Pushes Out 1,000 HP
• Another Road Rage Driver That Gets Instant Karma
• And A Reported Car Theft Solved In An Unusual Way

These Canadians got crazy. YouTube channel “Extreme ATV Offroad” decided to amp up their jet ski game with a ramp and a jump. The driver builds up speed on the water, heads towards the homemade ramp and flies across the road to the other body of water…awesome!

Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320
Dodge is keeping the Challenger R/T model around but making it more affordable at $45,900. The Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320 is an entry-level car made for the drag strip that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It’s priced at $45,900 but the 6.4liter pushes out 458 HP and is built to resemble the Demon. It can run the standing quarter mile in 11.7 seconds, a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds and will be the fastest-accelerating road-legal muscle car (Without forced induction of course)…are you interested?

The Yenko Corvette
Who doesn’t love insane amounts of horsepower? Specialty Vehicle Engineering can make that happen with their 2019 YENKO Corvette that houses a 6.2liter LT-1 engine and pushes out over 1,000 HP. And they’ll be available at your local Chevy dealer. It’ll cost $68,900 PLUS the cost of Stock Corvette Grand Sport. Would you be lining up for one?

Road Rage Karma
Another day, another rage-filled driver. This time, out of Denver. A driver in a green f-150 is lucky he didn’t take out anyone else after his road rage incident. Ron Olds’ dash cam caught the moment when a silver SUV switched lanes in front of him and a green F-150 followed. The truck then tried to side-swipe the SUV but only clipped the back which sent the truck swerving across the interstate and into the median wall. Karma always seems to find these drivers…

Mystery Theft
Pro tip: don’t report your car stolen until you’re actually certain it has been. Nashville local Danielle Adkins found that out the hard way. After reporting her Toyota Yaris missing to Metro police, there was an investigation started to find the missing vehicle. After telling police she had locked the car and taken the keys with her, they started looking for signs of forced entry. After nothing was found the search came to a dead end. Until Adkins called them a few days later and said she remembered she parked the car about 5 blocks away and found it.