Jeep Teams Up With AM General To Create Military-Spec Gladiator

Jeep/AM General

The Gladiator XMT (Extreme Military-Grade Truck) is the latest vehicle from the Indiana-based company. You may have heard of the last vehicle they put out – the Humvee. The Humvee was the successor to the line of Jeep vehicles and later inspired GM’s Hummer line.

Jeep/AM General

Jeep and AM General are both descendants of Kaiser Jeep, so it makes sense the Gladiator XMT represents a reunion of the two. It’s reported that AM General came to Jeep with the idea to turn the Gladiator into a Light Tactical Vehicle.

Exact specifications haven’t been announced however, the concept XMTs appear to feature a combination of commercially available parts and custom military equipment. And the XMT may see military action.

“The Gladiator XMT, if pursued, would be offered worldwide but with a clear focus on providing a cost-effective solution to the U.S. military in a number of possible roles,” a spokesperson for Jeep told Fox News Autos.

Orders for the Glaxiator XMT could be filled as early as next year and the civilian version will start at $35,040.

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