Jeep Grand Cherokee Lands Hard Enough To Send Parts Flying

You might have a car that you love and enjoy. One you spend long hours taking care of and making sure it’s as nice as it can possibly be. However, we can all remember that one car that we had, that we were able to do enjoy for the sheer fact that it was a junker.

There’s something about them that makes them all that much better because you can drive them however you want, not worrying about car doors, potholes, or very much else. If you break it, so what? The parts for these things are dirt cheap and you can just keep on driving.

For instance, check out this Jeep Grand Cherokee that looks to be that vehicle and then maybe even levitates toward the more extreme side as this one has probably been retired from its usefulness on the road. Therefore, it’s time to go all out and try to beat this Jeep to death quite literally. It ends up being quite the experience to tune into and watch as the driver does his diligence to launch this thing into the air and really bring home the bacon, quite literally driving this thing until the wheels fall off… and the bumper…and various other parts along the way.