It’s Reported NASCAR May Add Street Racing In 2021

There’s a report from Sports Business Daily that NASCAR may soon be hitting the streets.


There is the consideration to add temporary tracks in city centers or sports stadium parking lots to the season as soon as 2021.

Possible scenarios include teaming up with Indycar at one of its street-racing venues, like Long Beach, California. In addition, most major metro areas in the U.S. have a facility that presents a similar opportunity for NASCAR.

While NASCAR hasn’t commented on the report, president Steve Phelps mentioned in a press conference that “we’re having a lot of discussions right now on the 2021 schedule, and we’re looking at three things when we’re looking at that race schedule: where we’re going to have the most competitive racing we can have, where we’re going to have full grandstands, and what does that market look like — is it a new market we can service?”

The addition of new markets and/or track types could also help NASCAR attract new manufacturers to the motorsport.

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