Is Utah Trying To Make Running Red Lights Legal?

Maybe. California is trying to make a lane with no speed limit and now this. What is going on out West?!

Of course, there are laws that need to be updated when it comes to automotive technology and roadways. But are these types really sustainable or enforceable for the mass amounts of people that use the roadways? The state of Utah apparently thinks there’s a chance. Naturally, it will only be allowed on some roads when the intersection is clear of both cars and pedestrians, but Rep. Ken Ivory wants to bring those experiences of waiting at lights on empty roads to an end.

If passed, House Bill 0151 would amend current red light laws in some situations. It allows a driver to head through a red light if they are waiting on a highway with a speed limit of 55 miles per hour, or lower, during a time of “extremely low traffic levels.”

The driver must determine there are no other vehicles at or near the intersection that would be unsafe if there are no pedestrians attempting to cross at or near the intersections and no other safety concerns. Do you think this would work? Or be too hard to enforce?