Is This The Ultimate Off-Road Vehicle In The World?

In the off-road vehicle community, there are a lot of contenders for the ultimate off-road machine. There are a ton off off-road vehicle companies out there that take ATV’s to the extreme. Sure, a good truck or a Jeep can get you through a lot of tough obstacles but if you’re doing some SERIOUS off-roading, you’re gonna need something a little bit tougher.

This ATV is called the “Sherp.” It almost looks like a miniature monster truck or something like that. The tires are massive but the body isn’t that large. The Sherp is said to be able to drive through pretty much anything. As the video shows, that may actually be true! It even has floatation devices to help it float in water when the operator decides to go into “boat mode.” That’s pretty awesome!

The Sherp can even climb onto ice after crossing freezing waters, which is extremely impressive since a lot of other off-road vehicles cannot do this. Whether you’re trying to drive through swampy marshland or across the arctic, the Sherp appears to be up for the job! What do you think about the Sherp? Let us know in the comments and for more videos, stay tuned on!