Is A Wall Keeping This Bridge Upright Or Is It An Illusion?

A bridge in Raleigh, North Carolina has people divided. It gained lots of attention after a concerned driver saw the new flyover bridge where I-40 and I-440 meet and thought a wall was holding it up.

Spokesperson for the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Marty Homan, said it only looks to be leaning because the wall is on a curve. Homan stated, “The wall has been inspected several times over the last year, and we have found no issues to date”.

The concerned driver wasn’t alone. Resident engineer Robert Bullock, oversaw the I-40 widening project and reported they did hear from three or four other people about the bridge.

Bullock says between the wall and the roadway itself being on a curve mixed with the structure being so tall, there are visual illusions making it look like it may be leaning more than it should. He did stress the bridge is completely safe for to drive over and under.

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