Intelligent Speed Bump Only Activates If You’re Going Too Fast

Speed bumps are necessary, even though most people don’t like driving over them. There are a lot of cases of speed bumps being so bad that they cause car damage to cars that are going just a little bit too fast. However, everyone understands the necessity of having speed bumps to prevent people from driving like a maniac and posing a danger to other drivers.

The idea as seen in this video takes speed bumps to a whole new level. It basically rewards people for driving the speed limit by using a certain chemical that’s in a soft, barely noticeable liquid form if you’re going slow but turns into a hard, solid form if you go too fast. This would be an incentive for drivers to drive the speed limit so it basically feels like they’re not driving over a speed bump at all.

This definitely seems like a great idea, especially for those people who hate driving over speed bumps even if they’re going slow. The idea makes great sense and actually seems to be friendlier to the chassis and suspension of a vehicle since it’s very soft when driving slow, which will help prevent damage that traditional speed bumps might cause. What do you think?